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Each area has its own uniqueness and natural beauty, including in Tanah Hitam Village, Paloh District, Sambas Regency. This place is an area that does not only exist in the popularity of the people of Sambas Regency but also people outside Sambas Regency. Tanah Hitam is a village located in the East Paloh Sub-district, directly adjacent to the Sajingan Besar District and East Malaysia. In this place, Malay is the most famous culture, which is also related to many tourist destinations that are able to attract tourists every day.

Lestari Beach is one of the tourist objects that quite famous and still exists from the past until now. Apart from its quite beautiful natural scenery, the location of the beach is also very strategic and easy to access, so that many people inside and outside the Sambas district tend to be interested in visiting this natural beach tourism destination. In addition, Lestari Beach has the beauty of its clean beach sand. Not everyone is able to come to the beach area because it is closely guarded by local residents. The entrance fee is affordable, which is 5000 rupiah for a motorcycle and 10,000 rupiahs for a car. This price is valid until now. Maybe, there will be an increase in prices due to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from the tourist objects, every Sunday, there is a silat (martial-art) training held by the Benteng Mukmin academy. I have seen how fighters train together on the beach. They practice every morning. What a beautiful sight when I saw their compactness. The wind and waves highlighting the shoreline made me want to join them in training. In essence, there are no words of regret when you visit Lestari beach.

Author          Ebby Abadi ( Member of the English Community Hukum Ekonomi Syariah IAIN Pontianak "The King of HES")

Photo by     Facebook, Rafi Syahputra, 2020

Publish         : February, 26th 2021


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